"Class Pictures" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


Jessie, Stella and Clancy are nervous when they must have their class pictures taken.




  • Stella: mom said you guys could make sure I get that awesome laser background behind my picture.
  • Narrator: Eh, yes. Absolutely, Stella. Could you take a step back, please?
  • Stella: Ohh, sure! So...just to be clear, awesome laser background. Right?
  • Narrator: You got it, Stella.
  • Stella: Sweet.
  • Clancy: [scratching] I really...don't love...wearing flowers. I have to say, though, I don't mind eating them!
  • Jessie: I'm not gonna blink this year, I'm not gonna blink this year, I'm not gonna blink this year!
  • Narrator: Okay, Jessie. Say "treats!"
  • Jessie: Treats? [blinks] Aw, fleas, I did it again!

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