"Dress Up" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


The pups find a box of costumes and dress up as different characters.



  • This is the first episode in which characters from other Nickelodeon programs are mentioned. However, a toy modeled after Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines can be seen in commercials for Puppy Preschool that aired prior to this episode.


  • Narrator: The pups are playing dress-up!
  • CJ: Whoops! Tripped on my hat.
  • Pete's sister: Hey, Pete, what are you?
  • Pete: I'm a pirate pup. Aroo! What are you?
  • Pete's sister: I'm Skye from PAW Patrol.
  • Noodles: [wearing Bobgoblin costume] Dog-goblin.
  • Jessie: I'm Super-Pup! Do you need saving?
  • Pete: Um, no thanks. You smell good.
  • Pepper: I'm a graceful ballerina. [twirls around] Whoa!

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