"Meet Noodles" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


Noodles introduces himself to the audience.



  • The footage of CJ, Pete, and Noodles eating is used again in "Snack Time."
  • This episode was never released to However, it is available on the Vimeo channel of the series' producer, Jennifer Treuting.


  • Narrator: Let's get to know one of the pups: Noodles!
  • Noodles: Hi! I'm Noodles. I love to play music. [chews on drumstick] Mmm, drumstick! And I love to play in the ball pit, even if it is a tight squeeze.
  • Pepper: Hi, Noodles!
  • Noodles: After all that playing, I'm usually pretty hungry. Whatcha got over there, Pete? [eats food from Pete's bowl] This tastes much better than that drumstick.

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