"Meet Reggie" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


Reggie's owner, Violet, introduces her pup to the audience.



  • Reggie falls asleep while being introduced in this episode. She also falls asleep in "Story Time with Reggie."
  • The extended version of this short, which includes appearances by many of the show's other characters, is available on the Vimeo channel of Jessica Treuting (the series' producer).


  • Narrator: Let's get to know one of the pups: Reggie!
  • Violet: I'm Violet and this is Reggie. And she's a pug! Reggie has eyes like this. [makes shocked face] I'm gonna train her to do flips. I like petting her...she's sleeping! For real! I think she's dreaming about getting a new toy at a store. She likes to give me kisses.

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