"My Chair" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


A dog plans to stay in his chair by the shore for the entire day, but soon changes his mind when he discovers that ice cream is being served.



  • None of the dogs appearing in this short are given names.
  • Some footage from this episode was used previously in "Dogs of Summer."


  • Narrator: You're watching the Doggie Days of Summer.
  • Dog in chair: Ah, the perfect day at the beach. Nothing can get me out of this chair.
  • Second dog: Yo, guys, there's ice cream over there!
  • Dog in chair: Did he just say ice cream?
  • Third dog: What? Ice cream? I love ice cream!
  • Dog in chair: Well, it's probably not very good.
  • Second dog: [off-screen] It's amazing!
  • Dog in chair: Oh, who am I kidding? I love ice cream! [yelling] You guys better save me a pup-sicle!
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