Nick Jr. Puppies is a short-form television series originally airing on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. block.


A group of young dogs live and play in the canine-inhabited world of Puppy Town.


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The series includes a large cast of dogs whose voices are provided by unseen human actors.


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As of 2016, twenty-four shorts have been produced. The first twelve episodes were part of Puppy Preschool, the next five were part of Puppy Town, the next three were part of Doggie Days of Summer and the final two were part of Pups on the Go.


The series was originally scheduled to air exclusively as part of a week-long event in March 2015. Several shorts were made available on in February, prior to the show's debut. The original Puppy Preschool shorts were broadcast for on Nickelodeon from March 2 until March 6, alongside premieres of PAW Patrol and Mutt & Stuff. The network continued the event for an additional two weeks as a result of high ratings. This led to Nick Jr. Puppies being renewed and brought back several months later, with a new collection of Puppy Town shorts.

Throughout 2015, the shorts aired regularly on the channel, with Doggie Days of Summer airing for over two months. In November 2015, a fourth collection of shorts (Pups on the Go) was aired. The series has its own show page on the redesigned site. As of January 2016, since been removed from the site's navigation header, but videos and games relating to the show are still accessible.