"Where Are You Going?" is an episode of Nick Jr. Puppies.


The pups ask each other about their whereabouts.



  • CJ is the only main character absent.
  • The image of Reggie on a carpet was used previously in "Meet Reggie."


  • Narrator: You're watching Pups on the Go.
  • Dog in sailboat: Hey, guys, where are you going?
  • Jessie: I'm going to work.
  • Dog playing soccer: I'm going to win!
  • Dog in airplane: I'm going up, up and away!
  • Dog in car: Hey, what are you doing down there?
  • Dog in grocery store: I'm going shopping!
  • Dog on train: I'm going to Albuquerque!
  • Running dog: I'm going home!
  • Reggie: [riding on magic carpet] Hey, where am I going?
  • Narrator: It's Pups on the Go, all morning long! Right here on Nick Jr.
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